Note-Taking: Tips 2

    • Often students try to write down everything that is said or appears on the screen.  They find then that they are not actually listening and the notes then don’t make sense afterwards.


    • Listen to what your lecturer is saying and then take a second to jot down the key words or headings. Make short notes at the end of each slide once you have listened to the talk. Listen to key points or even ask the lecturer what the main words are.


    • Your lecturer will normally summarise the presentation saying things like “ So the main points are x, y and z”


    • Write these down as a list or table to remind you later.   Underline key words, use colours to emphasise words you need to remember


    • Don’t try to write everything the lecturer says, they often add additional examples or relate the issue to a real life event they have experienced. These are called anecdotes and only help explain things to students but will not affect your note taking if you leave them out.


    • If in doubt, ask. Lecturers are more than happy to explain a point in a different way if you have not grasped it, or perhaps you missed something they said.


    • Don’t leave it too long to review or reword your notes. The sooner you review them the more likely you are to remember what the lecturer was saying. If your notes are very brief it is essential you take a look over them and make sure you are happy with what you have tried to take in.



Note-taking: Tips 2

(from a lecture or presentation)