Study Skills

The Study Skills Programme is designed to support all learners who do not currently have access to specific support.  It doesn’t matter whether you are 16 or 65, working at any level from Entry Level to Higher Education.  There will be strategies, tools and techniques to help you on your learning journey.





The Study Skills Team work together to collect and compose resources that might be useful for SGS Learners.

Click here to access the Study Skills Resources.

New to Further/Higher Education?

What can I expect from academic study?


How can I access Study Skills?

You can come straight to the study skills team at Stroud. You’re also welcome to book an appointment by using the booking form. (Link below)

You can also get referred by a tutor, mentor or other staff involved with your learning journey.

Click here to book an appointment with a Study Skills Adviser. 

The Study Skills Team is coordinated by Amber Rundle, Mel Little and Ryan Gajda