Do you have…

  • Difficult feelings you’re finding hard to manage
  • Struggles with your mental health or wellbeing
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Family problems

Then come and talk to the student counsellor here at SGS College. This is a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL SERVICE, available to all full and part-time students at the college.

It offers a chance for you to explore any issues that you have, in a confidential environment. This will help you to make sense of some of these concerns so that you can enjoy your time here at SGS College.

Alternatively, you can register for online counselling if it is difficult for you to come in for regular face-to-face meetings. Please use the email address on the front of this leaflet to make the initial contact. The counsellor will then email you with further information.

Appointments can be made by email:

Counselling Leaflet (Berkeley & Stroud Campuses)
Counselling Leaflet (Bristol Campuses)

Alternatively, talk to your Tutor or Education and Wellbeing Mentor, who can put you in touch with the counsellor.

The counselling service will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an initial assessment session.

During your initial assessment with the counsellor you will have the opportunity to explore whether ongoing counselling at college is the right thing for you. If you decide that it is, you will be offered further counselling sessions at a time to suit you.

Counselling appointments are only available during term time.

There are some helpful services available outside the College. Some of these may incur a cost. Their details are listed below.

Tel: 0800 1111

Cruse Bereavement Care
Tel: 01242 252518

Gloucestershire Rape Crisis (Women and Girls)
Tel: 01452 526770

Hope House Sexual Assault Referral Centre
Tel: 01452 754390

Independence Trust
Tel: 0845 863 8929

Listening Post (18+)
Stroud Tel: 01453 750123

Muslim Youth Helpline
Tel: 0808 808 2008

NHS Lets Talk (18+)
Tel: 0800 073 2200

Teens in Crisis +
Tel: 01594 546117

Victim Support
Tel: 0845 30 30 900

Winston’s Wish
Tel: 08452 03 04 05