Mental Health

If you have concerns about your mental health it’s best to make an appointment with your GP. You can also find help and information from the charities and organisations below.

Gloucester Recovery in Psychosis (GRIP)
Tel: 01452 894790
Support for young people who have had first episode of psychosis

Young Minds
Information on Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Campaign against Living Miserably (c.a.l.m)
Tel: 0800 585858
Support for almost any issue. c.a.l.m promise to listen, give information and signpost you to any help that may be available.

Bipolar UK
Support for people affected by Bipolar

Gloucestershire Boys & Young Men’s Network
Information and guidance for boys and young men on a wide range of topics. 

Self-Harm Information

Tel: 0808 801 0606
Text: 07537 410022
Online, Telephone & Text Support for Self-Harm

Self Injury Support
Help for women and girls who self-injure.

National Self Harm Network
Forum and email support for anyone who self harms, and for parents or carers of those who self-harm. 

Suicide Crisis
Help and support in Gloucestershire for anyone at risk of suicide.

Eating Disorders Information

Gloucestershire Eating Disorders Project
Information and guidance for sufferers of eating disorders and their parents or carers. 

BEAT – Beating Eating Disorders
Tel: 0845 6347650 (youth helpline)
Helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people suffering from an eating disorder. 

 Useful Mental Health Information

Websites Description The voice for young people’s mental health & well-being Mental Health Charity – A-Z of mental health particularly useful Most anxiety-related issues covered in detail



Excellent CBT-style approach to anxiety. NOTE: same website also offers info on depression, suicide, psychosis & many other conditions General info on anxiety and details of youth helpline General resources and personal stories about MH Most MH conditions aimed at young people and teachers Very good resources geared towards YPMH Booklets on many MH conditions Young people & Suicide Issues around depression A-Z of key MH issues & conditions CBT-style approach to depression. Clearly explained Many, well-written NHS self-help booklets