Animal Care

2016 Getting into Animal Care – Information on how to gain employment and work experience in Animal Care.

Did you know that it’s possible to study for an Apprenticeship in the Horseracing industry? Being able to ride isn’t necessary but loving horses or animals and the great outdoors will help.


Racing and Thoroughbred breeding offers a range of exciting and challenging roles and training opportunities. Your students could be involved with breeding or racing some of the best horses in the country or even the world, or pursue a career in another part of this diverse industry.  From sales people to photographers to racing secretaries and catering staff, there is something for everyone.

Work with horses


With a career in horseracing, you will never look back but should be prepared for a life that offers travel, excitement and a future full of opportunity.  There are three dedicated training providers the British Racing School in Newmarket, the Northern Racing College in Doncaster and the National Stud in Newmarket offering apprenticeships and training courses at every level.  For more information visit



The National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists

Central College of Animal Studies- Centre based in Whitchurch, Bristol.

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