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Information for students who want to apply to university/Higher Education.

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What do Graduates do?-www.hecsu.ac.uk/current_projects_what_do_graduates_do.htm

What can I do with my degree? http://www.insidecareers.co.uk/career-advice/what-can-i-do-with-degree/

Which kind of university is best for you? A quiz from the Student Room. https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/content.php?r=26984-What-kind-of-university-is-best-for-you

GROWS is a group of Gloucestershire colleges (inc SGS College) and universities that help students with higher education choices- https://www.grows.ac.uk/- Visit their Quick Guides to see how the website can help you.

 Guidance notes

If you are unsure as to what or where you want to study, then use the following guidance pack Higher Education Pack 2019 Entry

UCAS application presentation 2019

UCAS tariff chart 2018 

Completing your UCAS application 2019

Help with writing your Personal Statement

To help you write the most competitive applications, the University of Roehampton has put together some helpful advice on personal statements.

General personal statement tips

Personal statement tips for Dance

Personal statement tips for Drama, Theatre Performance

Personal statement tips for English and Creative Writing

Personal statement tips for Law

Personal statement tips for Primary Education

The Student Room has a personal statement builder, as well as examples-www.thestudentroom.co.uk/personal_statement_builder/basic_information
You do need to register with the site to use the builder. This website is also useful for asking questions on their forums about university.

Applying to Oxbridge -deadline date 15th October!!!!

So You Think You’re Clever How would you poison someone without the police finding out? (Medicine, Cambridge) What makes a strong woman? (Theology, Oxford) Instead of politicians, why don’t we let the managers of IKEA run the country? (Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge) How do you organise a successful revolution? (History, Oxford) Whether you’re interested in going to Oxbridge or just want to give your brain a workout, explore just what it means to be genuinely clever – rather than just smart.

Check out the web links for help with applying to Oxbridge




Oxford University- www.ox.ac.uk

Cambridge University- www.cam.ac.uk 


 Degree Apprenticeships 

Click on the link below to access information about degree apprenticeships.

 Degree apprenticeships


Studying Abroad

Different countries and their universities have different application processes, and the careers service does not have the resources to fully support learners wanting to study abroad.
However, there are specialist organisations that can help you with the process.
Studyoptions-studying in Australia and New Zealand- www.studyoptions.com
Degrees Ahead-studying in Australia- www.degreesahead.co.uk
Fulbright Commission-studying in America- www.fulbright.co.uk
i-studentgroup-studying all over the world- www.i-studentgroup.com  or www.idp.com
European degree courses- www.bachelorsportal.eu
Please note that even though a university abroad may offer low or no tuition fees, you will not have access to loans/grants from the UK Student Finance.
See the following website for information on funding for international study www.ukcisa.org.uk
University Scholarships Worldwide- www.scholarshipstimes.com
As an alternative, you could look at UK universities that offer a course that has a year abroad embedded in it.
Use the UCAS website www.ucas.com  and go into ‘course search’, and also use www.ukcisa.org.uk

Studying online-Massive Open Online Courses  (MOOCS)

Did you know that the top American universites, MIT and Harvard, offer free online courses? https://www.edx.org/