Support in the Classroom

Helping You Succeed

One of our firm beliefs is that everyone should be treated fairly – this means that we will make all kinds of reasonable adjustments to how you go about learning so that no student is disadvantaged, regardless of their particular need.

We have a dedicated Additional Support Team to help.  They will talk with you and liaise with your lecturers to tailor specific support programmes for you.  This may include in class or out of class support with literacy, numeracy or study skills.  To assess the level of support someone should have, we talk to them and assess their needs.

The type of support we offer includes:

  • In class support from learning support assistants.
  • Individual or small group out of class support with qualified Additional Support Tutor.
  • Use of specialist software and equipment like “text-help” and “Dragon” dictate software.
  • Guidance and support from experienced staff.
  • Support regularly monitored and reviewed in liaison with external agencies.
  • Communication Support Workers and note takers available for deaf students.