Bursary Payment Dates

Payment Schedule for Academic Year 17/18.

Please note the payment schedule for academic year 18/19 will become available in August 2018.

Below shows when bursary payments can be expected. Payments will only be made if attendance meets our 90% or above criteria and you meet the college code of conduct. You will not be paid for any periods that do not meet these guidelines. Payment dates below are the latest date you can expect to receive payment if guidelines are met. However on occasion payments may reach your account sooner. We are unable to support students financially until the first payment has been made. We cannot support students with cash payments are any point during 2017-2018.

Monthly Payment 1
Monday 30th October 2017

Monthly Payment 2
Monday November 27th 2017

Monthly Payment 3
Friday December 22nd 2017

Monthly Payment 4
Monday January 29th 2018

Monthly Payment 5
Monday February 26th 2018

Monthly Payment 6
Monday March 26th 2018

Monthly Payment 7
Monday April 30th 2018

Monthly Payment 8
Monday May 28th 2018

Please note that amount of payments depend on when the successful bursary application was posted. You will receive a payment schedule with your award letter that tells you exactly what payments you will receive and when.

Worried about your attendance? 
If you are worried you cannot reach 90% attendance then please speak with your Learner Mentor. If you believe your attendance marks are wrong please discuss this with your tutor.

For more information email mms@sgscol.ac.uk or visit www.sgscol.ac.uk/mms