What do I need to bring to my exams?

Paper Based Exams:

  • Blackpens (More than one!)
  • Pencils and pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Calculator and Mathematical instruments where appropriate.

Mobile Phones & Smart Watches


Do not bring a mobile phone and smart watches to the examination room or you may be disqualified!


Exam Timings

Morning exams start at 9:30 and afternoon exams start at 2:00 unless otherwise advertised. You need to be at your exam room 30 minutes before the start of the exam.


Our team of dedicated examination officer deal with:

  • Registering you to the correct Exam Boards.
  • Exam entries.
  • Organisation of exam sessions, rooms and invigilation.
  • Ensuring you receive your certificate(s) from the Exam Board(s).
  • Publishing your results on the correct media.
  • Sending out Learner’s certificates at the end of the course.


Special Consideration & Access Arrangements

The Exams Team will ensure that your special circumstances are taken into consideration.

There are two types of examination circumstantial help:

  • Access Arrangements: Those are to do with the learner’s capabilities. They must be arranged for the learner before the examination or assessment.

If you believe you may need to have an Access Arrangement, please contact Skills Development team.

They will forward your request to the exam board along with personal assessment evidence to decide if you are entitled to additional help with their exams.

  • Special Consideration: Those can be granted to learners who were severely affected by an event, illness or injury that occurred at the time of the exam.

Any event that you think affected your ability at the time must be reported to the Exams Officer on the day of the exam. This is reported to the exam board and they will have the final say on any special consideration permitted.

Important Information for Exam Only Candidates

If you wish to resit an exam that you have previously sat with us, please speak to a member of the team on 0117 909 2357 or drop into CG16, main site, for further advice.

The entry deadlines for Summer 2017 will be confirmed shortly.

Please make sure you do this on-time. If you’re late, you will be liable to pay for your late-submission fees.

If you are not currently an SGS student but you’d like to sit an exam via SGS, there will be a £25 re-enrolment charge on top of any exam fees.


Re-sitting exams

If you need to re-sit a Construction, GCSE or A-level module, please contact the Exams Officer. You may be entitled to one free re-sit per unit if you are in receipt of EMA, JSA, ALG or another type of benefit. If you need to pay, the Exams teams can advise you what the cost will be and when you need to pay it by. The exam boards charge the college for making entries and their fees go up after certain dates so make sure you enter on time or you may be charged late fees as well.

If you need to re-sit a Functional Skills module, your tutor will book you in for it. Functional Skills candidates get one free re-sit only.

Please note that if you fail to turn up for an exam without good reason (i.e sickness, bereavement etc), this will count as one of your attempts.


Exam Only Candidates:

Please note that we are unable to take candidates for re-sits unless they have previously sat that exact specification with us.

If you’d like to arrange an ‘Exam-Only’ assessment, please contact 3AT (www.3at.org.uk) on 0117 910 9931 as they specialise in accommodating exam only candidates.