Parking at SGS Filton, Stroud & WISE

In October 2017 we introduced a managed car parking service at SGS bringing us in line with many other colleges and universities. The service was introduced to reduce the number of cars on site and encourage users to consider more environmentally friendly forms of travel, to ensure our parking facilities are not overloaded above capacity and to make efficient use of all available space by encouraging considerate and responsible parking.

This managed parking service continues in the new academic year so please acquaint yourself with the car park signage and information on display at our campus reception points.

Please note, UKCPM Ltd are the company responsible for managing our car parks.

It is important to stress that parking is free for SGS registered learners. You will be able to park free of charge but only on a first come, first served basis whilst spaces are available; if the car park is full at your time of arrival you will need to find alternative parking off-site.

The car parking scheme and use of our car parks should be self-managing and we ask all learners to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Ensure your vehicle is registered for an e-permit by 30.09.2018. Click on the link below and following the simple instructions in order to set-up your own account. The permits are electronic so you do not need to display anything on your windscreen. Once you have registered, your permit is valid for 12 months and covers you for parking at all Bristol and Stroud sites should you need to travel between sites.
  • Please take care when entering your vehicle registration and other details. Any errors may result in your vehicle not being recognised by the ANPR cameras or warden patrol handsets. This may trigger a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) to be issued.
  • WISE and Filton car parks are supported by Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras.
  • Please ensure that you park responsibly within the designated parking spaces only and be very careful not to occupy more than one space. There are regular warden patrols and parking charge notices will be issued for inconsiderate ‘double-parking’ or parking out of bay so please ensure that your vehicle is within the lines and markers.
  • If a vehicle is double-parked across two spaces please do not park next to it so that your vehicle is parked out of the space. To avoid receiving a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) find a clear space to park in. Please park responsibly in designated spaces only.
  • Blue badge holders may only park in designated disability parking spaces. The blue badges must be clearly displayed.
  • The vehicle owner/driver is wholly responsible for ensuring the vehicle has a valid parking e-permit and is parked responsibly. The college does not accept any responsibility for your failure to do this where a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) has been issued.
  • Should you receive a PCN either through the post or on your windscreen you must contact the car park management company (UKCPM) as soon as possible by following the instructions printed on the PCN. Please do not take your PCN to any of our Customer Experience Teams at reception, as they are not empowered to help resolve matters or disputes in relation to the car park management scheme.
  • Should you require assistance with registering for an e-permit or have any other query in relation to our managed car park scheme please e-mail: (there is no need to copy anyone else into your e-mail should you need to send one. This just creates unnecessary e-mail traffic and any response will only be made to the sender).

Please note that the e-permit ANPR system will go live on 01.10.2018. Until then your vehicle will be considered as ‘safe’ to park by the system. However, please also note that Warden patrol will continue throughout this period so please park responsibly in designated spaces only.

Best wishes to all for the new academic year.

Nigel Hornsby, Head of Estates