Looked After Young People

SGS College recognises that sometimes young people with experience of being in care may want or need a little extra support.

The college is fully committed to making sure that looked-after young people get the best possible opportunities and support to succeed.

Could SGS college be an option for you?

The decision to go to college can be life-changing. It can open immense opportunities for you and introduce you to new challenges, people, skills and ways of thinking. It can open up a whole new future for you. It allows you to make real choices about what you do with your life.

Read the Q&A below for more information:

How will I afford to attend Open days or move to college?
If you are still in the care of the local authority they should support you to continue your education if that is your choice. Each Local Authority operates differently, but should have a written policy detailing the financial support you will be entitled to and when you are at college. If you are thinking about coming to SGS College you can contact: Jo Johnson (Berkeley & Stroud) or Pez Perrin (Bristol) and we can help you find out what you are entitled to.

Can I stay ‘in care’ while I study?
Yes – many young people choose to remain in care until they complete their course, or turn 24. This means you can continue to access the support of your Local Authority throughout your studies.

Will I be treated differently because I have been in care?The only difference is that you will be offered additional financial and personal support if you tell us you have been in care in the past 3 years. At SGS College this includes a £1200 a year bursary, and a personal contact with a member of staff who can help to guide you through college life. For more information on the bursary email MMS@sgscol.ac.uk.

General Questions

Where do I start finding out about whether going to college might be an option for me?
The website is a good start! There is a wide range of information available on the internet – probably too much! One of the best ways to begin to get a feel for whether it might be an option for you is to attend an Open Day. Have a look around, talk to people – you will be made very welcome! See if you can begin to imagine yourself in this environment.  Our College Website address is: www.sgscol.ac.uk.

Would I get help and support at college? Or would I have to manage everything on my own?
You can be as independent as you like when you are college – but you may be interested to know that there is a lot of additional support available to you if you want it. This includes help with careers, learning support, finances, accommodation, welfare and disability etc. In particular if you come from a care background SGS College has a dedicated person who will support you, as well as offer you extra financial help. For more information talk to an Education & Wellbeing Mentor.

How and when do I apply?
Once you are happy with your choice of course, please complete an application form and bring it to the College or alternatively please send it to:

Bristol Campuses Stroud Campus
The Enrolment Centre,
South Gloucestershire and Stroud College,
Filton Avenue, Bristol BS34 7AT
The Enrolment Centre,
South Gloucestershire and Stroud College,
Stratford Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4AH

If you have any questions about this process, please contact 0117 9092255 (Bristol Campuses)/ 01453 761126 (Stroud Campus) or visit the website at www.sgscol.ac.uk.

Interview :
You will be invited for an informal interview to discuss the course, find out about the college, facilities and discuss your interests and career plans. We start interviewing in late October/November for courses starting the following year, with sessions being available until late June.

Offer :
We will offer you a place on a course, which may be conditional on your meeting the entry criteria.

Acceptance :
You will receive an acceptance form from the college to say you have been either conditionally or unconditionally accepted at interview. You will then receive written confirmation of your conditional or unconditional acceptance.For more information on applying please refer to the Full Time Prospectus.

Overall, what should I expect from life at college?
Your college experience is what you make of it – if you put your all into it you can expect to work hard, have fun, make friends and have fantastic opportunities. If you prepare yourself well you will have the best possible chance of being happy and successful.

To read our Looked After Children Policy click here.